Simba - Fred Flintstone the Tiny Sphinx 

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Simba with owner march 2003 on a catshow. He is 8 month old here.

Mother : Woodwitchs Utah Tequilla
Father :
Woodwitchs Vulkan

Sex : Boy

Birthday : 16.07.2002

EMS-Code : MCO 7 es 22

Colour : Cream silver cl. Tabby

New owner : Family Strobl



Simba on 15.5.2003 : here he is 10 month old and already weighs 9.5 kg. He was a big boy when he was born and since then he is growing and growing...


For us he was always very special : our big, happy, hearty boy with that absolutely wonderful temper and his seldom colour is a real "splendour" who really honours his parents.


Here he is 6 month old.

So you can imagine that we really wanted to have offspring from him.
Family Strobl with whome we are friends for several years, they already got two girls from our breeding, became member to my breedclub and showed him on some shows for us so that he got a breeding permission from my breedclub.

So the story took it´s beginning and now he is proud father of our litter "J"


We want to thank family Strobl very much, that they helped us to make that all happen and that they cared with so much love for our girl Nicki when she was visiting Simba.


Here you can compare the size : Maine Coon boy Simba and dog - 2.4.2005 :



Newest pictures of Simba from August 2004 :

Babypictures of Simba and pictures of his brothers and sisters you can find in the gallery of our "Former litters 2"  at  Litter "F"

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