When we give away our kittens :

  Here is some generell information : 

We only give away our kittens with complete vaccinations. 
This means in our case 4 vacc. : 2 times Panleukopenia/Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis
 and 2 times Feline Leukaemia 
In case that a cat will move to another country they also do need
 a rabbies vaccination. 

The date when the kittens may move into their new homes, depends on the vaccinations. After their last shot weŽll keep them for several days to see wether everything is in best order and then they may move. Usually this is around their 15th week. 
( or later, in case a cat moves to another country, depending on the official laws )

Our kittens are free of parasites and dewormed. All do get a microchip before they move.

You as the new parents will get the Pet Passport ( Vacc. Passport ) as well as the pedigree of your kitten. Furthermore youŽll get all the copies of the health certificates of a kittens parents and some information folders that we created for you.

So that the farewell isnŽt toooo hard we always give our kittens a little toy and the food they are used to, with them on their way.  

We only give away our kittens with a contract !!!

Since youŽre reading our english pages, we suspect that youŽre a breeder !?
If so, there is some further information for you : We seldom give away our cats to other breeders. We only do so, if we were able to learn to know you well, so that we can be sure, that our kitten is in the right hands. We only give away breeding cats, if we can help somebody else to come nearer his breedinggoals. So you should be able to tell us why you want a kitten from our cattery. We donŽt support "massbreeders" nor breeders whose ONLY goal is showsucces - we breed for the wellbeeing of our breed and we expect the same of you, if you want a kitten from us ! We do test all our cats frequently for HCM,HD and so on ( our cats are tested bloodtype,PKD,SMA,HCM-DNA myBPC3, HD and HCM ) and if you want a kitten from us, we expect the same from you. If you are still interested in a kitten from our cattery, so youŽre warmly welcome to contact us !