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The Rainbowbridge

This page is dedicated to all our special darlings who already left us.

On this side of heaven there begins a bridge thats called the rainbowbridge. When an animal dies, that was especially obliged to a human in this world, then it steps on to this bridge that is sparkling in all colours - and will find a paradise on the other side : meadows, hills, valleys and forests - something for every of our beloved friends. They run around and play with each other and there is enough food, water and sunshine to feel free, happy and safe.

All the animals that left earth old or ill, will get back their youth and healthiness. The hurt or mutilated will get strong and complete - just like they had been in our memory of the past happy days !

These animals are lucky and satisfied - with one exception : every of them is missing someone - a human that they left behind.

So they play and romp day per day together - until suddenly one stops and watches far off. It´s glossy eyes get watchful. Then it comes loose from the others, faster and faster. It has seen YOU and when you two will meet, you´ll celebrate a happy reunion and know that nothing will ever split you up. Happily you´ll look deeply into it´s eyes that was devided from you for such a long time.

And then you both will cross the rainbowbridge ...........


An Angel went back to heaven.

Woodwitchs Utah Tequilla 
29.09.2000 - 5.9.2008

I love you darling.

McNalas Unique 
21.02.2000 - 24.10.2005

We will never forget you, beloved darling.

Woodwitchs Vulkan 
23.12.2000 - 30.03.2004

That is one of the rare pictures from Zwergi. She came to us on 23 of october 98 togehter with our boycat Baerli ( visit him on his own page ) from an animal shelter too. Unfortunately we didn´t realize at first that she was terribly ill. So we took her immediately to the Vet. when we noticed that there is somthing wrong with her. But she has had no vaccinations ( they don´t do it at the animal-home ) and therefore was not able to defend her disease and died 3 days later after a short fight althoug we and the Vet. did everything for her. We only knew her a short time but we ´ll never forget her. 

Zwergi June 98 to Oct. 98

This was Lauser the first cat of my own. A Sweety at all ! For her I was the person Nr. 1 in her life, cause I got her as a tiny little baby from an animal shelter and raised her up. Like her name tells you she was a terribly sore finger ! And her human-like character was very funny. From a kitten formed by humans she most time acted more like a human than like a cat. Who knew her had to love her.

Lauser Sept. 95 bis Dec. 98

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